We ate the worlds spiciest noodles, made my friends read their hate comments, spent $3,000 on pillows, and filled a trampoline with was a WILD week!
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  • When Andrew started dancing I was dying laughing

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  • Ben which one is more painful -Jumping on a trampoline filled with legos -Jumping on a trampoline filled with mouse traps

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  • One more thing to add Pairs looks like my friend Brooks

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  • Dom's hair looks exactly like Jeremy's hair🤯

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  • jeremy is mean

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  • So nobody gonna talk about the hate comments Alan and Alex got?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Lexi .R is not ugly OMG she is so cute and pretty wtf who the hell should write that she is ugly he/she woyld be a hater man damn Love you LEXI RIVERA

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  • Why stokes twins always comment youtubers anyways I like Alex hair it was so funny when I see the comments hahaa

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  • done!!!!!! i like ur video!!!!

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  • jeremy look like a egg

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  • Don't worry Ben I am soo wild

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  • All the hate comments were 7 8 mins ago cheaters

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  • Look grampa alex cannot relate to a flamingo underwear for like years unrelated flamingo hair. #grampaalexisunrelated.

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  • Brent does NOT have a lot of hair in his nose, and Jeremy does NOT look like a boiled egg or copy his hair, and Alex doesn’t have flamingo hair it looks nice, and most of all, Lexi is NOT ugly at ALL ❤️❤️❤️

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