I cut people's headphones, forgot Lexi's birthday, pranked Brent literally a million times, and so much was a WILD year! Thank you everyone!
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INTRO SONG: "Ace Of Spades" By Yugo
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  • Thank you to everyone who supported me in 2020!❤️Get ready for an even crazier 2021🔥

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  • Ben ignoreding lexi I will give you food

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  • 2:02 when Lexi come's i thought it was Ariana Grande and when Lexi really come i was like oh its just Lexi her hair looks like Ariana Grande hair!😂😂 it looks so cute and really similar😁

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  • Oh my god, when Ben “forgot” Lexis bday and she was like crying I was SO SADD

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  • Hii Ben can you do a video of last to leave bouncy house wins $.......

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  • Lexi just freaked out went that wasn’t real

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  • your granpa can backflip better than me what the heck

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  • Did y’all know Bailey likes lexi

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  • When Ben was ignoring Lexi and only talking to brent I thought of my teacher when I’m raising my hand for 5 minutes straight

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  • How anyone can ignore lexi ❤️❤️. She is soo cute 🥰

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  • Put lots of puppy’s in side and he can pick one!

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  • The flipping grampa 2020

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  • The fliping gramma 2020

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  • Lexi being ignored is like a little kid

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  • She just got roasted 👌nice

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  • this video should be called a normal yearr in a life of ben :D

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  • she Look good

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  • brent: you look like mega mind me: you look like Mr Clean

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  • Which lexi is brent’s sis

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  • I can speak France to!!!!

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  • That's so funny

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  • yo no matter what brent is always smiling he is the definition of happy even when times are tough yk 😇

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  • why did you cut your haer bolld

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  • why doese he real

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    • i meant to say he looks like real grampa

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  • when ben prank brente i laugh so hard after he got out of the chair

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  • Your french wow I’m only Spanish lol

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  • Done bro 👍👍 from india 🤗 BTW u forgot to make a diss track on Brent 😂😂😂😂😂

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  • I love Ben, Lexi, Lexi, and pierson!!! I ship bexi and brierson!!!

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  • Happy bilated birthday lexi😘🤩

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  • I feel so bad for lexi when ben “forgot” her birthday

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  • I understand French English creol

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  • Lexi puted the fries in your 👃

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  • 2:16 Lexi’s mind be like: *you gonna say happy birthday to me yet*

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  • Lexi: I literally thought it was a rat. Lexi 2 seconds later: I didn't fall for it.

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  • Thanks for ur kind comments ben. Done

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  • wtf you don't know what is nutella hmmmmmmmmmmmmm yuuuuuumy nutella

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  • He did say he loved Eva

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  • I love how Loren Gray was casually in Brent’s house😂15:14

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  • 16:22 Ben more like ken

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  • She was abt to cry

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  • The way Lexi said I said hi to I felt so bad

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  • 17:02 he look like dwane the rock Johnson aka the rock

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  • Poor lexie i feel so bad that ben is ignoring lexie rivera

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  • I hope lexi and Ben go back together they are so cute and I was like tearing up when Ben was ignoring lexi she was so nice 😔😂

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  • If I was Lexi and I was being ignored and I want to hit them hard with the shoe

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  • It. Is. So. Funny

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  • I can’t wait for 2021!❤️

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  • Oh the police pull Lexi over, Ben can’t just call Pierson

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